Our Company.

Our vision is to build intelligence solutions for the regulatory technology world, empowering domestic and commercial users globally to freely move their data with confidence, knowing that they will be immune from threats.

The growing demand of IoT and 5G poses huge threats to data security as these emerging technologies grow. Acuity provides innovative solutions that are a step ahead of the threat through its transparent, visible and disruptive intelligence, which exceeds regulatory technology requirements of today and tomorrow.

A British company based in Sussex, Acuity uses the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to deliver systems that address Privacy, ERM; ISM; CSR; BCM and IoT cyber threats. We empower automated manual processes such as monitoring, reporting and securing which have traditional formed the basis of compliance processes. We link live and predicted IoT cyber threats direct to your business for exposure of smarter, intelligent and automated defence strategies. We’re truly addressing global mobile internet and 5G, in an age of IPv6 communication protocol which enables IoT device growth to >50bn by 2020 and 72-qubit cloud-based computing, processing more data than ever.

In a more aggressive and sophisticated threat arena, our online intelligence delivers faster remediation and assurance. Our continued research and development of our real-time operating system (RTOS) built on a single platform, iDIS Security Operating System (iSoS), secures the internet and frees the domestic and commercial ‘data’ world from attack.

We take a modular and consultative approach. It’s our client methodology. Our team work closely with our partners to deliver innovation that is tailored to their individual needs. We respond to unique demands of each client using cutting edge technology and logic, being perfectly positioned to ensure your organisation is compliant with regulatory frameworks.

Acuity are proud members of the BSi/ACP (Accredited Consultants Program) and all of our consultants are certified DPO’s and Information Privacy Professionals (CPDO, CIPP/E and CIPM) and enterprise security specialists with MSc’s in cyber security and ethical hacking.


Acuity provides disruptive intelligence solutions to regulatory technology requirements, empowering businesses to meet growing global 5G challenges, achieve operational excellence and client demands addressing; Privacy; ERM; ISMBCM; CSR and IoT cyber threats.

With an impressive 65+ years of combined experience in global technology security and compliance, supported by the UK’s leading academic minds in cyber, risk and computing science, Acuity delivers a truly world class service and product portfolio.

Acuity leverages AI and machine learning to deliver software systems that can automate manual processes, such as monitoring, reporting and securing that have traditionally formed the basis of compliance processes. Our solutions can now make the task of adhering to regulatory requirements much easier, much faster, more efficient, and also cheaper.

Part of our client methodology at Acuity is driven by a modular and consultative approach, allowing us to work closely with partners, and deliver solutions that are tailored to the individual needs and objectives of each business or organisation. This ability to be responsive to the unique demands of each client, combined with cutting edge AI technology, means we are perfectly positioned to ensure your business or organisation is compliant with regulatory frameworks in the most cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and secure way possible.

Acuity is a British company based in the heart of Sussex, along with its UK software development partner IMAGINIT, directed by its executive team, with its Board chaired by a Non-Executive Director.

We are proud to be members of the ACP (Accredited Consultants Program) and all of our consultants are Certified DPO’s and Information Privacy Professionals/Managers (CDPO, CIPP/E and CIPM).

Team behind Acuity Group.

Charles Critchley

Charles Critchley.

CEO & Founder

Charles has worked in the regulatory and compliance field for the past 18 years.  His early career of 10 years with Kimberly-Clark, founded his experience and knowledge in global methodology deployments.

With over thirteen years experience as a professional consultant working with senior leadership teams, Charles has helped blue chip organisations to reach complex standards and industry best practices, both internal and international, through integrating multi discipline management systems. He developed and designed the Integrated Risk Management platform and is recognised as an industry visionary and leader in the specific fields of information security, business continuity and international standards.

Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall.


Stephen with 30 years’ experience in software design, development and marketing, as well as being a leading operational practitioner & consultant with certifications as a data protection officer (CDPO, CIPP/E, CIPM). He pioneered the development of concepts and SaaS products for IT GRC from 2002, managing both internal and external software development resources. He has held multiple company directorships since 1990 and been employed by clients as heads of governance, information security, cyber security and data management.

Naushad Hunter

Naushad Hunter.

CISO -Chief Information Security Officer 

CISO at Acuity with over 20 years’ experience as an enterprise security specialist with an MSc in cyber security and ethical hacking. He is an offensive security professional leading our technical interface between Acuity RegTech and our UK leading academic collaboration research staff, in the testing and assurance of our iSoS [iDIS (IoT Detect Inspect and Secure) SoS (Security Operating System) cyber threat reference architecture, and design and build demonstrator.


Neurotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, D-S Evidence Theory, Behavioural Analysis, Blockchain Technology, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, Quantum Programming (Q#, Q), Robotic’s. Offensive and defensive enterprise security operations, primarily focusing on identifying security gaps, threat modelling, security architecture and military technology’s.

Duane Lawrence

Duane Lawrence.


In this capacity Duane advices on market growth, scalability and exit strategies.  Based in the UK since 2003, Duane brings with him successful runs leading both high-growth SMEs and mid-market publically-traded global technology and service businesses. A business and finance graduate of the University of Notre Dame in the US, Duane has a track record spanning nearly three decades in technology-solution sales, operations and Executive Management.

Bill Murdoch

Bill Murdoch.


A chartered accountant in charge of finance and investor relations. He is a successful entrepreneur and former Global Program Manager at HSBC Global Banking & Markets. Bill leads our project’s financial planning and accounting direction.

Dr Gregory Epiphaniou

Dr Gregory Epiphaniou.

Academic Researcher and Consultant
A reader in cyber security, Dr Epiphaniou is Associate Professor at Warwick University WMG and a respected cyber security consultant with high engagement with several industry partners in information security domains. He delivers a broad range of technical and bespoke consultancy and has worked with several government agencies including the MoD in cyber security related projects.

Robert Sheppard

Robert Sheppard.

Data Protection Specialist - Lawyer

Robert is a legally trained experienced professional with a background of over 10 years in Data Protection Compliance, having worked within a range of different industries including FTSE 100 companies and Magic Circle Law Firms.  Although having an expert knowledge of the GDPR and associated European legislation, Robert has consulted on a global basis providing support for the implementation of upcoming and newly passed legislation.

Strategic Partners Acuity Group.

Gowling WLG LLP.

An international, sector-focused law firm with more than 1,400 legal professionals in 18 cities around the world. They provide global leadership and regulatory compliance counsel on privacy issues and develop functional compliance programs for national and international clients. Gowling WLG work with Acuity to protect and patent our innovations in IoT threat detection, visualisation and remediation architecture.

Ministry of Hack.

M-O-H is a cyber security and information security provider delivering technical assurance.  M-O-H increases our clients cyber security maturity, establishing a relationship of trust throughout the entire cyber life-cycle of vulnerability discovery and remediation.  Their service is underpinned by a highly configurable technology platform, through an innovative ‘Pentest-as-a-Service’ model.

Warwick Manufacturing Group – Warwick University.

The University of Warwick is internationally renowned for its research with purpose, ranked 62 in the QS World Rankings. The latest REF exercise ranked Warwick 7th multi-faculty institution in the UK. A number of the departments involved in the proposal are ranked top in their area for publications or the environment.  The proposal is co-led from WMG, home to the UK’s National Automotive Innovation Centre, a £150m investment supported by the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund, JLR, and Tata Motors.

TAS Research Project..

UKRI programme on Trustworthy Autonomous Systems. The programme involves the establishment of a central Hub and 7 nodes. WMG has been invited to make a submission to establish the Trust node. 

Acuity is participating as a member of the TAS advisory board to provide additional insight into matters of data protection, personal data privacy and cyber security. The proposal brings together leading academics from a range of areas, including Legal, Ethics, Formal aspects of Security, Communicating Trust, Design, Security Engineering, Economics and Privacy, Decision Theory, Psychology, Resource balancing and Trustworthy Systems drawn from Warwick, Oxford and Lancaster universities.

The proposal has five main themes:

  • Developing a fundamental, multidisciplinary understanding of trust in autonomous systems;
  • Measuring trust in evolving environments;
  • Understanding and capturing trust requirements in autonomous systems;
  • Communicating trustworthiness to and from autonomous systems and subsystems, and
  • Developing the principles for Trusted-by-design.