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Infrastructure Mapping.

Digital transformation means that businesses must both acclimatise and adapt. The need for 100% online time means that your infrastructure must predict changes proactively, not reactively. You cannot wait for it to just happen.

At Acuity, we help business prepare for such transformation. Our expertise in infrastructure mapping means we are transforming the face of enterprises. Maximising your businesses potential of automation in a software defined data entire by delivering services through a business-aligned catalogue model is Acuity’s ideology.

What is infrastructure mapping?

Infrastructure mapping is a study of physical connectivity on networks. This type of mapping discovers the devices on the network and their connectivity. Such mapping also covers network discovery and enumeration, detailing devices on the network and their characterises such as OS (operating system), open ports and listening network services. This type of making has taken on such greater importance as networks become both more dynamic and complex.

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