Acuity’s iDIS creates the perfect shield against progressive hackers, reporting in real-time through its IRM platform bringing new cyber resilience technology to the market.

Lloyd’s CEO estimated that global cybersecurity losses topped £400bn in 2014 and expects damages to increase to $6tn by 2021.

With this in mind, our intelligence model mitigates threat damages in the fast-evolving landscape for security; healthcare; safety; smart city automation; SCADA process control and the myriad of domestic devices thanks to the emergence of IoT.

iDIS – Powered by iSOS

Our iDIS Security Operating System iSOS is an enterprise-class, disruptive and defensive security operating system. iSOS runs on bare metal and unlike other operating systems, it includes its own kernel, designed to process complex and highly sensitive defence framework systems.

iSOS is a real-time operating system (RTOS) built on a single platform. It is accessible on PDA's, VM's and web-based GUI interfaces, delivering unbreakable security systems that are based on the fundamental laws of hybrid systems of classical and quantum physics. 


  • Register in our IoT Reference Architecture
  • Monitor the data, network and transport layer
  • Enable the blockchain audit trail
  • AI algorithm to detect protocol anomalies and router issues
  • Pattern detection and machine learning enables real-time detection
  • Service-specific access control to allow or block access to deployed services and service specific monitoring


  • Real-Time Network Monitoring Protocol
  • Network Forensics, Network Packet and Session Analysis
  • Validate against our IoT Malware Signatures
  • Evaluate against our legal landscape impact profiles
  • Assign IoT Control Definitions


  • Secure device security - prevent a device from being used to conduct attacks, eavesdropping on network traffic or compromising other devices and protecting Pii collected by, stored on, processed by, or transmitted to or from the IoT device
  • Secure individuals’ privacy - protect individuals’ privacy impacted by Pii processing beyond risks managed through device and data security protection.
  • (WCRI) developed cyber-resilience reference architecture, providing a secure mutual authentication scheme.

Our strategy and research

Acuity deliver continuous system requirements analysis and design, following RAD principles. We are at the forefront of scientific research which is driven by the system and market requirements. We focus on validation and key performance metrics including sub-testing within the main working packages, as well as PoC demonstrators and TRL6 validation steps.

Our research intertwines with senior-generated data which can be regulated electronically leveraging state-of-the-art distributed ledger technologies. We focus on cyber situational awareness which can underpin better and more resilient IoT systems as a function of a systematic and appropriate resilience architecture that embeds technical data sharing capabilities, as well as information assurance metrics from physical space. We research how to create an immutable audit trail of all sensor data and transactions within the iDIS platform, fully integrated into existing SaaS technologies. 

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